Effects Of Hurricanes

Hurricanes may look very fascinating to track and view on satellite, but the enthrallment ends there. There is some harsh reality to these storms and the effects of hurricanes, which are without doubt, one of the most powerful and deadliest forces in nature. In this article, we will discuss dome of the common hurricane effects.


Hurricanes out at sea can cause big waves, torrential rains with high winds. They can disrupt international shipping and causing shipwrecks sometimes. They can stir up water, and leave a cool wake behind them. On land, hurricanes can smash up or destroy vehicles, buildings and bridges, whatever comes in their way. They turn loose debris into deadly flying projectiles. The effects of hurricanes can be seen in the rising sea level, and storm surge. This is typically the worst of Hurricane effects from landfalling.

Here are some of the grave consequences of hurricanes:    

Storm surge and tidal flooding--This is the most destructive effects of hurricanes. The rising wall of water, coming ashore with a landfalling is to be blamed for 90 percent of all hurricane related deaths.


Powerful Winds—Hurricane winds can reach up to 200 mph easily and are the most important of hurricane effects, as it determines the strength of the storm, how much storm surge and the ensuing damage.


Tornadoes-- Another of the effects of hurricanes is probably the least thought of but they do happen. Tornadoes are formed as a result of the incredible energy and instability created when a hurricane makes landfall. However, most tornadoes that occur in hurricanes are only nominal in strength.


Heavy rain and flooding-- After hurricanes make landfall, and the winds decline, the great amounts of rainfall that follow become a major damaging factor and effects of hurricanes.


The past two centuries, more than 2 million people have lost their lives to hurricanes and cyclones. Large bodies of standing water caused due to flooding can cause infection, thus adding on to deaths. Another of the consequences of hurricanes is that they significantly disrupt infrastructure, leading to power outages, and the hampering the reconstruction. Although the hurricane effects are detrimental to human-made structures but they also rouse up the waters of coastal estuaries, which are important fish breeding locales